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Are you suffering from whiplash?

It's not just drivers who can claim compensation for whiplash. We're UK's biggest and most experienced accident claims specialists. We can help you understand whether you're entitled to compensation, and if so, how much.

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Claiming Whiplash Compensation

In our 20 years of helping people gain access to justice, we've dealt with thousands of  claims for whiplash compensation. Whether you're suffering from whiplash as a result of a fall, sports injury or car crash, we can help you make a claim for whiplash compensation.

We completely understand that getting back on your feet after sustaining an injury can be a real challenge. We also understand that the prospect of claiming compensation can be a daunting one. This page is here to reassure you if you're thinking about claiming whiplash compensation.

Why make a whiplash compensation claim?

When you've been injured in a car accident, you may need to claim compensation for lost earnings or medical expenses. However, it's also important that you get all the rest you need before returning to work so that you don't injure yourself further. Claiming whiplash compensation can help you to rest and recuperate fully without the financial concerns you might otherwise have.

What information do I need?

Before calling us to start your whiplash compensation claim, we'd advise that you visit your GP. They'll be able to diagnose the severity of your whiplash symptoms, dictate the treatment and estimate your recovery time.

In the meantime, why not use our whiplash compensation claims calculator - this will give you a clearer idea of how much compensation you could be entitled to.

What our advisors do

Our expert advisors are experienced in dealing with claims for whiplash compensation. They'll often be able to tell within minutes if they think you're eligible to claim. If you then choose to go ahead, then they'll be able to put you in touch with one of our partner personal injury solicitor firms.

We have specialist solicitors located throughout the country, so our advisors will aim to put you in touch with a solicitor who is local to you.

What your solicitor will do for you

Our solicitors will work incredibly hard to secure your whiplash compensation. We understand that paperwork is a little daunting, however, our solicitors will do the majority of it for you as well as keep you updated with their progress with your claim for compensation.

Our solicitors work on a no win no fee basis, so there are no up front fees when you're making a whiplash compensation claim. They'll also make every effort to settle your claim quickly and, in most cases, you don't have to go to court.

Do I Have Whiplash?

The symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, headaches and dizziness.


Possible Compensation

Neck Injuries
Whiplash (minor)
£875 - £5150
Whiplash (moderate)
£5150 - £16400
Whiplash (severe)
£16400 - £97500

Calculate your claim

  • Minor Head Injuries £1450 - £8400
  • Whiplash (moderate) £5150 - £16400
  • Hip or Pelvis Injuries £2600 - £86000
  • Serious foot injuries £16400 - £25750
  • Simple arm fractures £4350 - £12600
  • Upper body injuries £2200 - £111000

Claims Calculator